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Is Elon Musk’s Tesla Tequila Good?

Now Elon Musk has joined the Tequila bandwagon with Tesla Tequila.

In this article I will respond all your related queries with an in-depth review and will answer the question “is Tesla Tequila good?”

Tesla Tequila


Elon Musk besides being the richest man in the world could also be the most interesting man.

He runs a company that puts people in space, just acquired Twitter, makes flamethrowers, tunnels and now has decided to put the name of his electric car company in a Tequila.

But is it as good as his rockets???

Is Tesla Tequila real? Who makes it?

Yes, Tesla is a real Tequila produced in Jalisco, Mexico by Casa Maestri who also manufactures Tequila for 150 other brands including Michael Jordan´s Cincoro Tequila.

Maestri crafts Tequilas in all price ranges, from the humble Caballo Azul to supposedly premium Tequilas like Cincoro.

What is special about Tesla Tequila?

There is nothing extraordinary about Tesla Tequila.

How can a Tequila that is crafted at the same factory as other 150 brands have something special to offer? It is just a 100% agave distillate aged in French barrels before bottling.

What makes it stand out is Musk´s sponsorship and a bottle that is the most impractical thing to be found. So impractical that the box contains a set of instructions showing how to open it.


I think this Tequila was made so that you can have it in your house as a token or a collectible item without the need for you to drink it.

Tesla is perhaps a collectible for those who adore Elon Musk. I just heard Sen. Elizabeth Warren will be buying one very soon.

How does Tesla Tequila taste?

The nose reminds me of Don Julio 1942, as it displays agave flavor, along vanilla and oak.

On the palate, Tesla is smooth, overly smooth, extremely rich in vanilla, with very little agave and a faint oak note.

The finish has decent length, with sweet notes and very little warmth.

Most celebrity tequilas tend to be artificially sweetened as a means to become more appealing and even though I can’t assure I bet Tesla uses additives.

According to the laws that govern tequila this practice is legal as long as additives remain less than 1% of the total content.

Other celebrity Tequilas that are suspicious of using artificial sweeteners are Kendall Jenner’s 818 and Michael Jordan’s Cincoro.

How to drink Tesla Tequila?

Drink Tesla either neat or rocks and don’t mix it; expensive Tequilas don´t make good mixers.

Enjoy it in a whisky tumbler as opposed to a Tequila glass, the tumbler allows for a better appreciation of sweet aromas.

Is Tesla Tequila any good?

Tesla is an overly sweet, perhaps artificially sweetened, that doesn’t justify a $250 USD price tag.

It doesn’t taste that different than Kendall Jenner’s 818 or Michael Jordan’s Cincoro that are more affordable.

For far less money I can buy Don Julio 1942 which is the best Añejo Tequila.

I’d rather pay $500 for the flamethrower than $250 for an unimpressive Tequila.

Where to buy Tesla Tequila? Is it coming back?

Tesla is still selling tequila, buy it directly from the Tesla Shop and cut the middleman.

How much is the bottle of Tesla Tequila?

As I said before, Tesla comes with a lofty $250 price tag making it one of the most expensive of its class. If you are solely interested in the bottle as a piece of memorabilia take a look at Ebay.

What’s Tesla Tequila alcohol content?

Bottled at 80 proof (40% ABV) which is the average at which tequila is bottled.

Tesla Tequila aging

Aged for 15 months in French oak barrels. The contact with the barrel is what provides an amber hue to the spirit along vanilla, butterscotch and oak notes.

Tesla Tequila Cheat Sheet

Type of TequilaAñejo
100% AgaveYes
Aging length15 months
Is it good?No
Is it top-shelf?Priced as top shelf
Does it expire?No
Good for beginners?Yes
Good for cocktails?No
Calories per shot98
Kosher for PassoverNo