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Marcas de Tequila: Your Tequila Buying Guide + Best Reviews!

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How to buy Tequila?

  • Avoid buying tequila in plastic bottles
  • Buy only those labeled as 100% agave
  • Avoid those that have a price below $10 USD; unlikely to be agave
  • Do not buy tequilas with dead animals inside (scorpions, worms); avoid them like the plague they are

There are 5 types of Tequila, each one goes through a different production process:

Types of Tequila: Which is best?

There are 5 types of Tequila, each one goes through a different production process:

Blanco or Silver

  • Blanco or silver tequila is never stored in a barrel. Without the influence of wood, blanco tequila provides the purest expression of the natural flavors of the agave and clearly captures the terroir of the region where the blue agave was grown. Some producers choose to let the tequila sit in steel tanks for less than two months to let the flavors settle a bit before bottling.
  • Blanco tequila is often smoother than its mature peers and fills the palate with raw vegetable agave, herbaceous notes, various types of citrus, black pepper, and other spices, and even some natural sweetness from the agave itself. This strong profile makes silver tequila great in cocktails, as the bold flavor can go toe-to-toe with anything you add to it. Similarly, blanco can be a bit harsh on some palates.


  • To make reposado, distillers take silver tequila from the still and store it in American or French oak barrels. Legally, reposado falls between white and aged on the maturation spectrum and must rest in the barrel for between two months and a year, which gives it enough time to develop a unique flavor profile without losing the flavor notes that provides the blue agave.
  • During its time in the barrel, the tequila darkens to a subtle golden hue as it extracts the tannins from the wood to create the warm flavors of caramel and honey. The natural citrus and spicy flavors of tequila do not diminish, but tend to round out as the tequila matures, creating complex notes of dark chocolate, spicy, vanilla, and cinnamon.
  • Some producers opt for used casks that previously housed bourbon, cognac, or wine, bringing even more flavors to the evolution of tequila. Some reposados ​​are tough enough to withstand cocktails, while more subtle expressions are best drunk neat or on the rocks.


  • If you leave tequila in the barrel from one year to up to three years it becomes añejo. The aged tequila takes on even more character from the wood, showing that true distinction comes with age. The barrel size for aged tequila is limited to 600 liters, so each drop has a proper interaction with the wood.
  • That extra time intensifies the colors and notes of a reposado, darkens the tequila even more and produces a richer flavor. Añejos often go beyond the intense – and occasionally harsh – bite of young tequila when acid tones are replaced by sugary and caramelized tones.

Extra Añejo

  • If the tequila remains in the barrel three years and one day it becomes extra añejo or extra aged. This category of ultra-aged spirits was established in 2006, making it a newcomer in the long history of tequila. The extra aged must be cut with water to temper the distillate, which further softens the final product.
  • These Tequilas are very comparable to some Scotch whiskies that are kept for decades in oak barrels. So if you are a Scotch lover I can assure you that these tequilas are a good alternative if you want to move to greener pastures.


  • Cristalino is a novelty in the world of tequila.
  • A cristalino is a reposado or anejo tequila that has been filtered through charcoal before bottling
  • This process removes harshness from the spirit.
  • It makes it look crystal clear as if it were an unaged tequila.
  • This type of tequila offers rich aromas and are easy to sip.
  • Cristalino is a perfect match for a newbie interested in drinking tequila

Buying good Tequila has never been so easy

At Marcas de Tequila we want to make it easy for you. We spent a lot of time analyzing and comparing hundreds of tequilas to be able to offer you truthful and useful opinions so that you know which tequila to buy according to your tastes.

In addition, we provide you with the best information in the sector with comparisons, articles, recipes and reviews of the best tequilas on the market.

What do the best Tequilas have in common?

All Tequila has to come from the Tequila region, it has to be made from agave that grew in the region.

Another important distinction is that each bottle must have a four-digit number that represents the unique code of each distillery. The Official Mexican Standard (or “NOM”) number is assigned by the Mexican government and certifies that the bottle you are holding is authentic tequila produced in Mexico. It also tells you which tequila producer it comes from.

It must be labeled 100% agave. There are some producers out there that use 51% blue agave and 49% sugar cane. Your hangover is dependent of tequila being 100% agave, otherwise the mix of sugars is going to give you a bad headache.

Lastly, avoid the flavored Tequilas; they are “no buenos” They are drinks that will leave you with a bad memory and a hideous hangover.