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Tequila Brands: Ranked Worst to Best

Looking for the best Tequila brand?

Look no further than our ranking of 44 options, from the worst to the absolute best.


  • Blanco: 3.05
  • Reposado 2.65
  • Añejo: 3.35
  • Overall Grade: 3.02

818 is also known as Kendall Jenner’s Tequila.

I place this brand in the last place in the ranking since its Tequilas have a completely artificial flavor which vaguely reflects the taste of Tequila.

From this stable the best choice is 818 Blanco as it is smooth yet extremely sweet with a Splenda-like flavor and is appropriate for people with little experience in spirits and is offered at an attractive price.


  • Blanco: 3.00
  • Reposado 3.05
  • Añejo: 3.10
  • Extra Añejo: 3.10
  • Overall Grade: 3.06

Also known as Michael Jordan’s Tequila.

Cincoro has the same problem as 818, it basically tastes like artificial sweetener leaving little room for other flavors.

Besides being not that good it’s quite pricey making something I recommend avoiding.

There is not nothing to recommend from this brand from which Michael Jordan should dissociate as it damages its legacy.


  • Blanco: 2.85
  • Reposado 3.05
  • Añejo: 3.30
  • Overall Grade 3.07

Jimador is the best-selling Tequila brand in Mexico where they are basically used to make cocktails mixed with Coke or grapefruit soda.

The strength of this Tequila lies in its attractive price and being 100% agave, which prevents a hangover the next day.

Flavor is not the best, though, since they tend to be a bit rough but for their price they become acceptable as they get the job done.


  • Blanco: 2.70
  • Reposado 3.05
  • Añejo: 3.65
  • Overall Grade 3.13

Hornitos was once good unfortunately suffers from the perennial problem faced by brands that are acquired by an international conglomerate: quality suffers in favor of meeting production quotas.

Hornitos Plata is terrible, Reposado is bearable and Añejo works in cocktails, but you can do better at this price point.


  • Blanco: 3.35
  • Reposado 3.20
  • Añejo: 3.25
  • Extra Añejo: 3.35
  • Overall Grade 3.29

Adictivo is another Tequila brand that abuses the use of additives since its releases have a completely unnatural flavor.

If you are fond of sugar bombs you are gonna love it, though, but personally I find it hard to give it more than two sips as it becomes cloying.

The Cristalino Extra Añejo is the most sought after since it is super smooth and extremely sweet, making it a good option for those who like this type of drink.


  • Blanco: 2.90
  • Reposado 3.15
  • Añejo: 3.45
  • Extra Añejo: 3.80
  • Overall Grade 3.30

Cazadores is another brand that once was good in the past but unfortunately it was acquired by Bacardi, which led to a decline in the quality of its products.

The Añejo and the Extra Añejo are quite acceptable, although I definitely recommend discarding both the Cazadores Blanco and the Reposado as they are quite bad.

Jose Cuervo

  • Blanco: 3.40
  • Reposado 3.25
  • Añejo: 3.45
  • Overall Grade 3.37

From Jose Cuervo I am only considering their Tradicional line, which is 100% agave, and I am leaving out those like Jose Cuervo Gold, which would only hurt the rating of this company.

Jose Cuervo has a dubious reputation as it has some really bad Tequilas but the Tradicional line is quite acceptable and works very well in cocktails.

Tradicional Silver is one I recommend for those looking for an affordable mixer to make cocktails.


  • Blanco: 3.30
  • Reposado 3.35
  • Añejo: 3.35
  • Extra Añejo: 3.75
  • Overall Grade 3.44

While all the Tequila brands mentioned here are crafted in Jalisco, this particular one is made in the neighboring state of Guanajuato, which is unfortunately known for frequent shootings.

Corralejo Reposado is the best known release, a bit rough but with a smoky note uncommon to Tequila making it interesting.

Good value for the money for those who want a kick out of their drink.

Clase Azul

  • Blanco: 3.30
  • Reposado 3.65
  • Añejo: 3.40
  • Extra Añejo: 3.70
  • Overall Grade 3.51

This is another brand whose Tequilas are packed with artificial flavors.

Clase Azul Reposado comes in a beautiful bottle but the juice inside is not that good to be honest as it basically tastes like Splenda.

If what you want is the bottle for the bragging rights I recommend buying it on Ebay.

If what you want is a sweet Tequila I recommend buying a cheap one and adding a sugar cube to it.

You will strike a better flavor and protect your hard-earned money.


  • Blanco: 3.20
  • Reposado 3.05
  • Añejo: 3.70
  • Extra Añejo: 4.25
  • Overall Grade 3.54

1800 Tequila is crafted by Jose Cuervo and in general its releases, except for Reposado, tend to be quite reliable.

Blanco is a dependable workhorse that works wonder in cocktails, Tequila shots, or casual drinking.

Añejo is a good alternative to bourbon drinkers looking to join the Tequila bandwagon as it’s rich in whiskey-like notes and is extremely affordable.

1800 Milenio Extra Añejo is the the top release and a great alternative for those looking for an affordable Extra Añejo Tequila.


  • Blanco: 3.35
  • Reposado 3.65
  • Añejo: 3.90
  • Overall Grade 3.63

Milagro Tequila is owned by Scotland-based Williams Grant & Sons (Glenfiddich) and its releases tend to be quite affordable providing decent value for the money.

They are a bit rough, though, but for the price they can safely be used in Tequila cocktails where the punchy character will make the cocktail shine.

Añejo is the best from this stable and one well worth looking at.


  • Blanco: 3.55
  • Reposado 3.50
  • Añejo: 3.60
  • Extra Añejo: 3.95
  • Overall Grade 3.65

Lunazul Tequila is not the smoothest but it presents a great option for those looking for a super cheap 100% agave Tequila promising a morning free of headaches.

In particular, I recommend Lunazul Blanco which works very well to make Margaritas or any other tasty cocktail.

Not the bottle that you will see winning awards but it will get the job done at a low price.

Casa Dragones

  • Blanco: 3.20
  • Reposado 3.90
  • Añejo: 3.85
  • Overall Grade 3.65

Casa Dragones is good at PR, marketing and packaging but not so good at making Tequila.

Massively overpriced given the quality of the pour which is made using a diffuser and packed with artificial tasting notes making something I don’t recommend to the serious Tequila aficionado.

Casa Dragones Blanco is a pretty bottle filled with a subpar juice that is not worth the lofty price tag.

This brand is owned by former MTV’s Robert Pittman.


  • Blanco: 3.45
  • Reposado 3.40
  • Añejo: 3.70
  • Extra Añejo: 4.25
  • Overall Grade 3.70

Avion Tequila became famous a few years ago when it was featured in HBO’s Entourage.

In general this releases tend to be bad as they are packed with artificial tasting notes.

Yet, Avion Reserva 44 shines above its siblings making one of the best Extra Añejos Tequilas and at a hard to beat price.

Cabo Wabo

  • Blanco: 3.60
  • Reposado 3.60
  • Añejo: 3.95
  • Overall Grade 3.72

Cabo Wabo became the first celebrity Tequila brand when launched back in the 90s by Van Halen’s Sammy Hagar.

Blanco is not that smooth but drinks well on ice and shines in cocktails while the rest of the band is quite acceptable.

Sammy Hagar is no longer involved as he cashed out when sold to Milan-based Campari.


  • Blanco: 3.65
  • Reposado 3.50
  • Añejo: 4.00
  • Overall Grade: 3.72

Teremana is better known as the Rock’s Tequila, the much beloved Dwayne Johnson.

Something I like about this brand is that unlike other celebrity brands, it has its own distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, which gives more commitment to the project.

Teremana Blanco is quite recommendable, not the smoothest, but works incredibly well in cocktails and shots while providing decent value for the money.

This Tequila was created by Ken Austin who sold Avion Tequila to Pernod Ricard in association with The Rock who is the visible face of the business.


  • Blanco: 3.70
  • Reposado 3.50
  • Añejo: 3.80
  • Extra Añejo: 4.00
  • Overall Grade 3.75

Patron Tequila is another case in which more effort is put into marketing and packaging than in Tequila making.

While Patron has some good products, like Patron 10 Años, some of their offerings like Patron Silver are rather ordinary despite being priced as premium.

On the other hand, their Reposado is one I would strongly advise against as it’s quite bad, TBH.

Gran Centenario

  • Blanco: 3.40
  • Reposado 3.65
  • Añejo: 4.00
  • Extra Añejo: 4.25
  • Overall Grade 3.83

You might not know this but Gran Centenario is another brand owned by Jose Cuervo.

Gran Centenario Plata has a light Lifesaver note but drinks nicely on the rocks providing good value for the money given its affordable price.

In particular, I recommend looking at Gran Centenario Añejo which is one of the best cheap Tequilas as it’s packed with the tasting notes you don’t expect to find in a pour at this price range.


  • Blanco: 3.85
  • Reposado 3.90
  • Añejo: 3.75
  • Overall Grade 3.83

Casamigos Tequila is good, not as good as some media would have you believe but in general these releases are quite good for newbies to Tequila.

It is evident that these Tequilas have been infused with additives since they present flavors that are not typical, but they are smooth and reasonably priced.

Casamigos Reposado is my favourite of this brand and is the best option for bourbon drinkers interested in getting to know Tequila.

George Clooney and Rande Gerber cashed out a few years ago in case you were wandering.


  • Blanco: 3.55
  • Reposado 3.45
  • Añejo: 4.25
  • Extra Añejo: 4.20
  • Overall Grade 3.86

Riazul is a brand about which little is known as it is of relative recent creation.

It is one of the few that are Mexican-owned since apart from Jose Cuervo most are owned by foreign companies.

I recommend you look at Riazul Añejo which is quite good and an affordable option to Don Julio 1942.


  • Blanco: 3.75
  • Reposado 3.80
  • Añejo: 4.00
  • Extra Añejo: 4.15
  • Overall Grade 3.93

Espolon Tequila is a brand that shines for its labels full of Mexican artwork that will shine on the cabinet.

On top of that these releases tend to be pretty good given their price.

Espolon Blanco is one of the best Tequilas for cocktails and the others offer great bang on the buck.

This brand belongs to Campari and is made at the same distillery as Cabo Wabo, so you will find them similar in flavor but at a better price.


  • Blanco: 3.70
  • Reposado 3.85
  • Añejo: 3.85
  • Extra Añejo: 4.40
  • Overall Grade 3.95

Herradura Tequila is one of the oldest producing houses since it dates from 1870.

For a long time it was considered the best but since acquired in 2008 by Brown-Forman (Jack Daniel’s) it took a downturn as it adopted industrial methods to make Tequila.

It’s still better than most and at reasonable prices, but if you ask anyone who’s tried it before and then they’ll tell you it’s just not the same anymore.

Seleccion Suprema is quite good, not cheap though, but if you find it in the Duty Free Shop is well worth buying one.

El Mayor

  • Blanco: 3.70
  • Reposado 3.90
  • Añejo: 4.10
  • Extra Añejo: 4.20
  • Overall Grade 3.98

El Mayor is a lesser known brand property of US-based Luxco who is better known for bourbons such as Ezra Brooks and Rebel.

From this brand I always recommend looking at El Mayor Añejo which is ridiculously affordable making one of the best cheap Añejo Tequilas.

Great option when in the mood for a Tequila Old Fashioned and good on its own as you can sip it rocks.

Olmeca Altos

  • Blanco: 4.05
  • Reposado 4.00
  • Añejo: 3.90
  • Overall Grade 3.98

Altos Tequila was originally developed by two British bartenders in association with an expert Tequila maker looking for the perfect pour to make cocktails.

The result is quite good as Altos Plata is not only a great mixer but also something I would sip rocks and attractively priced making a no brainer.

Altos Reposado is also quite solid and of the best affordable Reposados and highly recommendable.


  • Blanco: 3.90
  • Reposado 3.95
  • Añejo: 4.10
  • Overall Grade 3.98

Partida is a good brand of Tequila.

Unlike other brands owned by foreigners (Partida is Dutch) this Tequila is free of additives providing legit experience making one I recommend looking at.

The three basic releases rated here (Blanco, Reposado and Añejo) are solid and reasonably priced providing great bang on the buck.

Tres Agaves

  • Blanco: 4.00
  • Reposado 3.90
  • Añejo: 4.10
  • Overall Grade 4.00

Tres Agaves is a must-try for bargain hunters and people who prefer Organic foods as these Tequilas are crafted using 100% certified organic agave.

I’m particularly fond of Tres Agaves Blanco which is a solid affordable Blanco under $30 an ideal to make Ranch Water or any homemade cocktail.

Don Julio

  • Blanco: 3.70
  • Reposado 4.00
  • Añejo: 4.20
  • Extra Añejo: 4.10
  • Overall Grade 4.00

Many people will be disappointed not to see Don Julio at the top of this tally but not bad for a Tequila that is mass-produced as you can find it across the globe.

Don Julio 70 and 1942 are still the best releases of this brand, which is still quite reliable.

Perhaps not what it was since acquired by UK-based Diageo (Johnnie Walker) but if you ever come across it you can drink it with confidence as it will provide a good experience.


  • Blanco: 3.95
  • Reposado 4.20
  • Añejo: 3.95
  • Overall Grade 4.03

Tromba is a brand of relative recent creation launched by Marco Cedano who spent 17 years at Don Julio learning a few things about Tequila making and Canadian-born Eric Brass.

Blanco is an overly smooth, perfect option for those who want an easy drinker free of controversies while Tromba Reposado is just as smooth but with a bit more of flavor to it making it more interesting.

Volcan de Mi Tierra

  • Blanco: 4.20
  • Reposado 4.10
  • Añejo: 3.90
  • Overall Grade 4.07

Volcan is a Tequila brand that was repackaged and rebranded since acquired by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy which specializes in luxury goods.

My favourite release is Volcan de Mi Tierra Blanco which is a smooth yet tasty Tequila which uses Champagne yeasts in the fermentation process providing a distinctive flavor.

Cool-looking bottle with a good juice inside at a still reasonable price providing a good sip.

Codigo 1530

  • Blanco: 3.80
  • Reposado 4.05
  • Añejo: 4.20
  • Extra Añejo: 4.25
  • Overall Grade 4.08

Codigo 1530 is also known as George Strait’s Tequila, the much beloved country music singer.

These releases are quite good as they are free of additives although a little too pricey.

Extra Añejo is a fantastic pour and something you could see me drinking often while listening to All My Exes Live in Texas if not for the price tag.

Recently, the company was acquired by Pernod Ricard, a renowned French conglomerate.

My hope is that they will maintain the integrity of the brand by refraining from using additives and avoiding mass production.

Dulce Vida

  • Blanco: 4.10
  • Reposado 4.10
  • Añejo: 4.15
  • Extra Añejo: 4.15
  • Overall Grade 4.13

Dulce Vida “sweet life” is an Austin-based brand, crafted in Jalisco, Mexico.

These releases are incredibly good and quite affordable making great value plays.

The best from this brand is the Dulce Vida Extra Añejo Lone Star Edition which on top of being an 100 proof pour is aged in Garrison Brothers Bourbon barrels.

Remarkably smooth given the high proof and packed with sweet bourbon notes making it a keeper.


  • Blanco: 4.10
  • Reposado 4.10
  • Añejo: 4.20
  • Overall Grade 4.13

Cimarron is another lesser known jewel crafted by Enrique Fonseca one of Mexico’s top Tequila distillers.

Mr. Fonseca also crafts at the same distillery some of the best Tequilas such as Don Fulano and Tears of Llorona which is the best Extra Añejo Tequila.

On top of being good, Cimarron is free of additives providing legit flavors and incredibly affordable making something you should be drinking.

El Tequileño

  • Blanco: 4.00
  • Reposado 4.25
  • Añejo: 4.40
  • Extra Añejo: 4.05
  • Overall Grade 4.18

This Tequila has been crafted at the same place since 1959 when the distillery was established by Don Jorge Salles Cuervo and remains Mexican-owned.

Solid releases, free of additives and incredibly affordable providing superb value for the money.

Tequileño Reposado is the best Reposado under $30 you can buy, but despite the low price it has a taste that goes toe to toe with pours that double it in price.

The rest of the gang is just as good!


  • Blanco: 4.10
  • Reposado 3.95
  • Añejo: 4.35
  • Extra Añejo: 4.45
  • Overall Grade 4.21

Arette is another old Tequila brand established at the beginning of the past century and still in hands of the founding family which is positively correlated with the quality of Tequila.

The distillery is owned by the Orendain brothers (Eduardo and Jaime) representing the fifth generation producing Tequila.

Arette offers a range of solid releases with no weak links, although the Arette Gran Reserva Extra Añejo stands out above all, which is an extraordinary Tequila bottled at a high proof that does not feel.

Casa Noble

  • Blanco: 4.20
  • Reposado 4.10
  • Añejo: 4.20
  • Extra Añejo: 4.45
  • Overall Grade 4.24

Casa Noble became famous as musician Carlos Santana was involved as a partner.

The company was acquired by NY-based Constellation brands, but they retained Pepe Hermosillo who is in charge of the production process ensuring continuity and quality.

Casa Noble Reposado Single Barrel is a solid release and one of the best Reposado Tequilas and one I can’t recommend enough.

Another to consider is Casa Noble Single Barrel Extra Añejo which on top of being good is priced under $100 making one of the most affordable Extra Añejos.

123 Organic

  • Blanco: 4.25
  • Reposado 4.30
  • Añejo: 4.15
  • Extra Añejo: 4.45
  • Overall Grade 4.29

123 Organic was created by David Ravandi who previously owned Casa Noble making this is a small world.

This is the best organic Tequila brand and has a solid range of offerings across the board.

123 Organic Blanco is one of the best Blancos under $50, while Reposado is one of the best Reposados under $50 making them great alternative who want to drink in style on a budget.

Don Fulano

  • Blanco: 4.35
  • Reposado 4.20
  • Añejo: 4.30
  • Extra Añejo: 4.35
  • Overall Grade 4.30

Don Fulano “Don John Doe” is a little known brand crafted by Enrique Fonseca who went from agave producer to master distiller when he found himself with 40,000 tons of unsold agave.

He bought the distillery in 1990 from Bacardi and turned it in one of Mexico’s top distilleries.

Don Fulano Blanco is one of the easiest sipping Tequilas and best Blanco Tequilas and one I recommend for those looking for a legit and smooth Tequila.


  • Blanco: 4.30
  • Reposado 4.35
  • Añejo: 4.25
  • Extra Añejo: 4.40
  • Overall Grade 4.33

Suerte “Luck” is owned by Colorado-based entrepreneurs Laurence Spiewak and Lance Sokol and crafted 90 minutes away from Guadalajara, Mexico.

I’m highly impressed by the quality of the offerings as they taste much better than what the price suggests.

Suerte Extra Añejo is particularly good as it was aged in Jack Daniel’s barrels providing a rich baking spice note.

The rest of the lineup is excellent.

El Tesoro/Tapatio/Ocho

  • Blanco: 4.35
  • Reposado 4.25
  • Añejo: 4.20
  • Extra Añejo: 4.50
  • Overall Grade 4.33

El Tesoro Tequila is crafted at La Alteña Distillery along Tapatio and Ocho Tequila.

La Alteña was founded by Don Felipe Camarena in 1937 and has turned into the house of good Tequilas.

All the releases are pretty good with no black sheep in the family making it hard for me to recommend anyone in particular.

Rest assured that when you see a Tequila with the identification number NOM 1139 that you are buying one of the best Tequilas brands as it is crafted by Carlos Camarena.


  • Blanco: 4.45
  • Reposado 4.40
  • Añejo: 4.40
  • Extra Añejo: 4.45
  • Overall Grade 4.43

El Pandillo, another of the best Tequila distilleries in Mexico is owned by Felipe Camarena (brother of the aforementioned Carlos Camarena).

Felipe Camarena is currently producing G4, Terralta and Volans which are 3 of the best Tequila Brands.

This brand is also free of additives and legit which is a must to be considered good as there is no room for cheaters on the top positions of this roundup.

G4 Blanco is my everyday unaged Tequila and the one I recommend.

Pure agave flavor, with no heat or peppery notes making a great drinker.

The rest of the lineup is quite solid and something to be considered by serious aficionados.

7 Leguas

  • Blanco: 4.45
  • Reposado 4.45
  • Añejo: 4.35
  • Extra Añejo: 4.45
  • Overall Grade 4.43

Siete Leguas (7 Leagues) honors the horse of the Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa.

The distillery just turned 70 in 2022 and I am going to tell you a story:

Patron Tequila was produced at this distillery from 1989 to 2002, when they opened their own distillery in Jalisco.

Patron copied the production methods of 7 Leguas but did not copy the recipe because Siete Leguas is much better.

Siete Leguas Reposado is my favorite reposado, Blanco and Añejo rank high in their respective categories and Extra Añejo is one of the best Tequilas.

It remains under ownership of the founding family which is a good sign.


  • Blanco: 4.50
  • Reposado 4.40
  • Añejo: 4.55
  • Overall Grade 4.48

Leaving the best for last we have Fortaleza Tequila which for legal reasons that go beyond the scope of this post is known as Tequila Los Abuelos in Mexico.

Fortaleza is a brand created in 2006 by Guillermo Erickson who is heir to the Sauza Tequila dynasty.

Sauza was acquired by Beam Suntory (Jim Beam) and Erickson decided to rebuild the old distillery and craft Tequila using old methods that are proven to be the best.

The result is the best Tequila brand with an incredible range of offerings in which an Extra Añejo is missing, BTW!

Fortaleza Añejo is the best to have as it makes the best Añejo Tequila yet the rest are just as good.

What determines the quality of a Tequila brand?

These factors determine the quality of the final product and the brand in general:

  1. First and foremost the use of additives. This practice is allowed under the set of rules that govern Tequila production but the best brands refrain from such questionable practice.
  2. Best brands are 100% agave.
  3. Good brands use full ripe agaves providing natural sweetness.
  4. Top producers don’t use industrial methods to mass produce being the diffuser the worst enemy to good Tequila as this machine strips agave away from its natural sweetness.
  5. The water source is a key to the flavor of Tequila as it affects widely.
  6. Good distillers make the “Cut” right during the distillation process separating the desirable and undesirable compounds in the final product.

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