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Tepextate Mezcal: Everything you need to know

Tepeztate or tepextate mezcal is my favorite type of mezcal, its rich spicy flavors make it an amazing drink.

This post answers your related questions!

What is Tepextate Mezcal?


Tepextate Mezcal is the one crafted with Tepextate maguey or scientifically known as agave marmorata.

Maguey refers to the colloquial form while agave to the scientific form.

Marmorata takes long 20 years to mature in the wild among steep slopes in rocky soils. This explains why a tepextate is far more expensive than a espadin.

Wild Agave means that it grew without human intervention. Tepextate grows surrounded by other plants and chili peppers from where it acquires a very special flavor profile.

It is a hard agave to work with. This agave has little sugar content in its heart, which means that it requires a lot of agave plant to produce a bottle.

Your need 100 pounds of tepextate to produce a bottle as opposed to 40 pounds to produce an espadin.

The long aging period makes tepeztate unique as no other plant takes that long to mature. The extended span of maturation gives the plant distinctive flavors making it the most tasteful of mezcals.

Tepeztate or Tepextate Mezcal?

Both terms are correct and refer to the same type of mezcal. Tepextate also known as Pichomel, Pitzometl, Maguey Curandero, Huiscole or Becuela depending on the region.

If you look closely you will notice that the Tepextate leaves appear disheveled making it an ugly agave compared to other better looking agaves.

How does Tepextate Mezcal taste?

Tepextate offers fruity notes, with fine spices like cinnamon and rich spicy notes. It has a much deeper and interesting flavor than espadin.

This is a mezcal for seasoned agave spirits drinkers capable of handling complex flavors.

If you are new to mezcal I strongly suggest you to start with espadin or perhaps tobala. You have to be an experienced drinker to appreciate this mezcal.

How to drink Tepextate?

Don’t drink Tepextate in a colorful margarita. Drink it slowly kissing every sip using a whiskey tumbler so you can appreciate the rich aromas.

What does Tepextate mean?

Tepextate comes the Nahuatl word “Tepetl” that means “mountain”. It refers to where this agave can be found, since it is generally found on cliffs in the mountains.


Tepxtate vs Tobala: which is better?

I prefer tepextate over tobala for the rich and deep spicy and mineral flavors but I’m a experienced drinker that tastes dozens of mezcals and tequilas every week for my shoppe.

Tepextate is better suited for seasoned agave spirits drinkers hence if you are new to this I suggest you start with espadin to later jump to tobala to finally reach tepextate’s green pastures.

Tepextate recommendations & reviews

These are my favorite tepextates:

Rey Campero Tepextate


Rey Campero (King of the Countryside) is a top-shelf brand. The King of the Countryside is fully committed to the preservation of the agave plant and local sustainability.

This tepextate offers rich mineral flavors along with vanilla beans, jalapeno, peppercorns and the right amount of smoke. Drink it neat, drink it slowly and enjoy every sip of this fantastic dram.

If you are lucky to find it expect to pay around $120 USD for it.

Bozal Single Maguey Tepeztate


Bozal Mezcal comes in a very cool bottle that will sit pretty in your bar. This is a truly artisanal mezcal made in Santa Ana, Oaxaca.

Herbaceous aromas, with a touch of wet stone on the nose, grapefruit zest, orange flower and pine. Fresh florals, white pepper and minerals are highlighted on the palate with prominent notes of spice on the finish.

El Jolgorio Wild Tepeztate


El Jolgorio is also one of Mexico’s mezcal premium brands. It belongs to Casa Cortes who has been in the agave spirits business for 150 years.

Jolgorio means “celebration”, this is the kinda mezcal I would be using for an important celebration.

It comes with notes of spearmint, plantains, guava, ginger, camphor, and eucalyptus. This is delicious spirit and perhaps the best in its category.

Lalocura Tepeztate


Lalocura is crafted by Eduardo “Lalo” Angeles in Santa Catarina, Oaxaca. Lalo spent his entire life working with his father in Real Minero.

Lalocura has a distinctive earthy flavor product of the clay pot still that uses to distill. These still also remove rough edges making mezcal softer and more pleasant to drink.

It offers a unique sweet taste of apples and lemon rarely found in a tepeztate. A bit hot perhaps but extremely good.

Mal Bien Tepextate


This is one of my personal favorites and one that I always keep in stock.

Created by Victor Ramos and his son Emanuel two of the best master distillers in Miahuatlan, Oaxaca. This is little town produces some of the best mezcals.

This tepextate is not as spicy but more saline than others. It offers a light vanilla flavor making it quite pleasant to drink. I’ve enjoyed this dram more than I’m willing to accept!

I drink plenty of water while enjoying Mal Bien due to the salty notes that leave me thirsty.

Tosba Tepextate


Consider yourself lucky if you can find this dram as this is a true small batch release. Tosba is crafted in San Cristóbal Lachirioag, Oaxaca one of the smallest town in the state.

The agaves used to make Tosba Tepextate grow among coffee, mango, wild fruit trees and sugar cane. As you might expect you will find traces of those flavors in the bottle.