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Is Tequila Cheaper in Mexico?

Are you planning on going south of the border and load a truck with cheap Tequila? In this article I present you a comparative chart to find out if Tequila is cheaper in Mexico or not.

How much is Tequila in Mexico vs United States?

TequilaU.S. PriceMEX Price (USD)% DIFF
1800 Reposado$28$27-4%
1800 Silver$24$24
Casa Dragones Blanco$60$77+28%
Casamigos Blanco$35$36+3%
Cazadores Blanco$19$15-21%
Don Julio 1942$147$199+35%
Don Julio 70$64$61+5%
Don Julio Blanco$36$42+17%
Don Julio Reposado$42$40-5%
Espolon Blanco$23$25+9%
Herradura Reposado$37$39+5%
Herradura Silver$34$28-18%
Hornitos Plata$20$16-29%
Hornitos Reposado$20$18-20%
Jimador Silver$19$14-26%
Maestro Dobel Diamante$45$39-27%
Milagro Silver$22$26-13%
Patron Silver$40$37-8%
Sauza Silver$11$13+18%
Teremana Blanco$29$27-7%

United States vs Mexico Tequila Prices Comparison

  • This chart presents 20 of the best-selling Tequilas in the United States.
  • Prices were taken from and the biggest booze online retailers in their respective countries on January 1, 2023.
  • Prices in Mexican Pesos were converted to USD using a $19.50 exchange rate
  • Prices change constantly.
  • Some popular tequilas in the US such as Tesla, 818, Cincoro and Clase Azul are not shown because they either hard to find in Mexico or not sold.

How much does a good bottle of Tequila cost in Mexico?

You can buy a good bottle of Tequila in Mexico for around $600 pesos or $28 USD. Below that you have to take it with a little suspicion.

Is Tequila less expensive in Mexico?

This chart surprisingly shows that buying Tequila is not necessarily cheaper in Mexico. Shocker to see that Don Julio 1942 is cheaper in the US than in Mexico.

All the aforementioned bottles are offered 80 proof (40% ABV) or higher in the United States while in Mexico most of them are sold 70 proof (35% ABV) or higher.


Don Julio 70 price in Mexico?

You can find Don Julio in Mexico in a $60 USD range vs $65 USD in the United States; but there is a caveat…

Don Julio 70, in the United States is offered at 80 proof while in Mexico at 70 proof. Why is that? according to some industry insider this is due to taxes, the more alcohol in the bottle the more taxes the Mexican government charges in taxes.

Another caveat to consider is that the price differential doesn’t spread equally among the listed tequilas. Fine bottles show a narrow price gap making it not that interesting to go south of the border and load a truck.

And there is only little caveat left to consider… US taxes!

When traveling to the United States, the amount of tequila that you can bring along without having to pay taxes is 1 liter, that’s it. Therefore it might not be such a good idea to go down the Mexico way in search of precious tequila after all.

Is Don Julio 1942 cheaper in Mexico?

No, Don Julio 1942 is more expensive in Mexico and in the United States which comes as a surprise.

Even when you compare the Duty Free at Mexico City’s airport you get no discount for this pour.

How much is Patron Tequila in Mexico?

Now let’s take a look at the much beloved Patron Tequila and see if its worth going to Mexico to load on tequila.

TequilaUnited States PricesMexico Price (USD)% Differential
Patron Silver$40$37-8%
Patron Reposado$44$44
Patron Añejo$48$49+2%

Patron Tequila is almost evenly priced in the US and Mexico. Like Don Julio, it is offered at 80 proof in the United States and 75 proof in Mexico. This is a real bummer.

How much is a shot of Tequila in Mexico?

For less than $100 pesos or $4.50 USD you are likely to get a shot from something that resembles tequila and is going to leave you with a bad headache the following morning.

Why? because it’s unlikely that it will be made entirely from agave and will for sure be mixing sugar cane or other sugar sources with agave. That mix of sugars is what causes hangovers.

Is Tequila sold in Mexico better?

No, Tequila in Mexico is regularly sold at a lower proof than in the United States as the Mexican government taxes distillers based on alcohol content.

So when you buy tequila in Mexico you are likely to be buying a watered-down dram.

Are tequila bottles cheaper in Tijuana?

Yes, just be aware that is going to be watered-down and that you might have to pay taxes on the way back to the United States. You also take the risk of buying fake Tequila.

Most of the Tequilas sold in Mexico are widely available in the United States. But if you insist I’d rather buy Mezcal which is much harder to find in the U.S.