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Is Herradura Tequila Good? Discover the Best Herradura!

This post answers all your related questions including “Is Herradura tequila good?”

Herradura tequila reviews

This is a detailed review of every one of Herradura’s releases:

Herradura Silver

NoseOlive brine, earthy, agave
PalateAgave, oak, citrus, black pepper
Alcohol content80 proof (40% ABV)
How to drinkRocks, Cocktails
Similar toPatron Silver, Don Julio Blanco

The nose is subtle, rich in olive brine and agave, with an earthy note to it and a touch of black pepper.

On the palate, Herradura Silver delivers some warmth at first that mellows out into an oaky flavor, along a citrus and earthy note.

The finish is long, pleasantly warm with more of that earthy note that is present from start to finish.

Herradura blanco provides a good Blanco Tequila experience, not the smoothest tequila as it feels somewhat warm and peppery at first, yet rich in natural sweetness and the traditional tasting notes you expect to find in a real tequila.

Herradura Reposado

NoseAgave, vanilla, caramel, vanilla, orange
PalateAgave, vanilla, oak, spice
Alcohol content80 proof (40% ABV)
How to drinkRocks
Similar toEspolon Reposado, Don Julio Reposado

Herradura Reposado is the first Reposado created in 1974 and is the result of aging its Silver sibling for 11 months in oak barrels.

The time spent in the barrel added oak and vanilla flavors and an amber hue.

This Tequila is sweet and smooth yet quite flavorful. It is light, grassy, sweet and fruity with nice citrus and vanilla notes in well balanced flavor.

The finish is rich in oak and vanilla and mildly long with a little bit of alcohol burn and peppery notes; but nothing terrible or overwhelming.

Overall, Herradura Reposado is a good sipping tequila for those who enjoy a bit of a kick in their drinks and moderate oak presence.

Herradura Reposado Colección de la Casa Port Cask

NoseAgave, caramel baking spice
PalateAgave, baking spice, vanilla
Alcohol content80 proof (40% ABV)
How to drinkNeat

This is a double barreled release. First rested for 11 months in medium-char American white oak casks, followed by an additional 2 months in port casks.

The port casks were hand-picked from Portugal and previously used in the aging of port from the Douro Valley.

The nose brings some heat at first, followed agave, caramel notes and baking spice.

On the palate, Herradura brings a very nice warming sensation. Flavor is rich in agave, cinnamon, nutmeg, along vanilla and a dash of black pepper.

The finish is long, bringing warm to your chest making a very rewarding sip.

Not an easy find, though, but if you can find it enjoy it while it lasts as this release has been in the market on and off.

Herradura Añejo

NoseVanilla, oak, caramel, agave
PalateOak, vanilla, agave, oak, fruit, cinnamon
Alcohol content80 proof (40% ABV)
How to drinkNeat or rocks
Similar toPatron Añejo, Don Julio Añejo

Herradura Añejo is the product of aging Herradura Silver for 25 months in American oak barrels.

As a result, the time spent in the barrel added a deeper amber hue along a strong oak flavor along vanilla and fine spice notes.

This tequila has a strong oaky note that overwhelms the precious agave flavor.

It is smooth and sweet showing some character and the tail provides rewarding warmth and a pleasant bite.

This tequila drinks neat nicely but it becomes better on the rocks. As a general rule I do not use Añejos as mixers as they are too pricey and the oaky note does not sit well in Margaritas; I’m not fond of cocktails anyway.

Overall, Herradura Añejo is an option for those who like a strong oak flavor, nice warmth and a bit of spice.

Herradura Ultra

NoseVanilla, caramel, agave
PalateAgave syrup, vanilla, agave
Alcohol content80 proof (40% ABV)
How to drinkNeat or rocks
Similar toDon Julio 70, 1800 Cristalino

Herradura Ultra is extremely smooth and overly sweet with strong vanilla notes.

It must be noted that this tequila is artificially sweetened with agave syrup which you can tell due to its strong hint.

This is a solid option for those who love smooth and sweet drams but it barely tastes like tequila, perhaps it should be offered as a specialty alcohol and not as tequila despite being made from agave.

Ultra is the product of blending Herradura Añejo and the overly good Herradura Seleccion Suprema, which is my favorite extra-añejo or long aged tequila.

The blend is later filtered through activated charcoal removing the amber hue and some hard edges making it a Cristalino Tequila, the new type of tequila that has become so popular due to its signature smoothness.

Herradura Seleccion Suprema

NoseCaramel, vanilla, oak and agave
PalateVanilla, oak, leather, tobacco, agave, smoke
Alcohol content80 proof (40% ABV)
How to drinkNeat or rocks
Similar toJose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia

Seleccion Suprema is amazing and the best Herradura Tequila.

One of the smoothest and most flavorful, deep and complex tequilas I have ever had.

Seleccion Suprema offers a nice creamy body with a gentle mouthfeel, smooth full of incredible flavors with a long pleasantly warm finish making it my favorite extra añejo tequila.

Seleccion Suprema earned 94 points at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in 2014, where it was awarded as the Best Extra Añejo Tequila in the World.

Herradura is aged for long 49 months in American white oak barrels

Which is the Best Herradura Tequila?

Seleccion Suprema


Seleccion Suprema is not only the best Herradura but one of the best Extra Añejo Tequila which is Tequila’s first class.

Incredibly tasty, deep and satisfying, with the right amount of warmth you expect in a Tequila providing a great experience from nose to finish.

Is Herradura Tequila Good? Is it top-shelf?

One of the most respected Tequila brands

Yes, Herradura is not only good, is one of the best tequila brands with many releases at the top or near the top of their respective categories.

Hence rest assured that if you come across a Herradura you are about to drink a quality dram.

If you are visiting this website from the UK top-shelf has a complete different meaning in the United States; it refers to the quality of an item :p

How much does Herradura Tequila cost? What’s the price of a bottle?

Approximate prices of Herradura tequilas stated in USD:

TequilaPrice USD
Herradura Silver$43
Herradura Reposado$46
Herradura Reposado Colección de la Casa$100
Herradura Añejo$52
Herradura Ultra$63
Herradura Selección Suprema$370

Is Herradura a sipping tequila?

When you buy a bottle of tequila you also acquire the right to drink it in any way you like, but there are better ways to do so.

TequilaBest way of drinking
Herradura SilverCocktail (margarita)
Herradura ReposadoRocks or cocktail
Herradura AñejoRocks or straight (neat)
Herradura UltraStraight or rocks
Herradura Selección SupremaStraight or rocks (using whisky rocks)

How is Herradura Tequila made?

Herradura is old-school as they still use clay oven to cook agave hearts. Modern distillers use autoclaves but Herradura is still using the clay ovens that provide richer flavors to the tequila.

They also crush agaves with a huge tahona stone pulled by a mule or donkey. They assure that this method preserves agave flavors better than modern roller mills commonly used nowadays.

Mezcal distillers also use the tahona ston

Herradura is 100% Agave

Herradura only offers 100% agave tequilas, which is a sign of quality and trustworthiness.

When distillers don’t label their tequilas as 100% agave it means they are blending agave with stuff like sugar cane; that mix of sugars gives headaches and fattens you.

Avoid buying tequilas that are not marked as 100% agave.


Agave spirits are gluten-free and have zero carbs making them a great option when counting calories. Thus adding a few Herradura tequilas once in a while won’t break your diet.

Is Herradura Tequila Mexican?

In 2007 the company was acquired by Brown Forman for $776 million USD. The name Brown Forman doesn’t say much but the brand owns Jack Daniel’s whiskey among many other brands.

The only major tequila producer that remains Mexican-owned is Jose Cuervo.

What does Herradura mean?

Herradura means horseshoe in Spanish.