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Is Montelobos Mezcal Good?

Montelobos is one of Mexico’s best-selling mezcals.

This post answers all your related questions including “Is Montelobos a good mezcal“?


Montelobos Mezcal

First of all we have to clarify that Montelobos is a mezcal and not a tequila.

Both spirits are made from agave, both are made in Mexico although the similarities end there.

Montelobos was created by Ivan Saldaña, a biologist with deep understanding of agave plants and Don Abel an experienced distiller.

This brand crafts mezcal using 100% organically certified agave espadin and is one of the few truly committed with the preservation of agave plants.

Montelobos Mezcal Reviews

Montelobos has 4 offerings: Espadin, Ensamble, Tobala and Pechuga.

Montelobos Espadin


Espadin is the entry-level option and a great dram when drinking on a budget.

This spirit is certified organic and crafted with sustainably grown agaves.

The agaves are cooked in underground stone-pit ovens, then milled using a tahona stone pulled by a mule.

The wild fermentation takes place in open-air in pine wood vats, before being distilled in copper pots.

The resulting spirit achieves a perfect balance of the 4 mezcal flavors: green agave, cooked agave, smoke, and wild fermentation.

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Montelobos offers espadin mezcal classic notes, light smoke, along a clean sharp smell that doesnt overpower you.

Slightly creamy on the finish, fantastic, especially for the price.

This is a smooth mezcal perfectly suited for a newbie curious about agave spirits.

You can drink it either neat or rocks or pour it in any cocktail of your liking such as a Mexican Martini.

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Montelobos Ensamble


An ensamble mezcal is one in which two or more agaves were distilled together in the same batch.

The hearts of the different agaves are cooked and fermented together.

This ensemble is made with cupreata, espadin and tobala agaves.

These agaves offer very different profiles making this a very interesting bottle.

Montelobos Ensamble is a mellow dram with the characteristic floral notes of tobala agave along the, anise-like notes of cupreata and the salinity of espadin.

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This is a mezcal that you should enjoy either neat or rocks.

Doesn’t make a good sipper as the floral notes of agave would get lost.

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Montelobos Tobala


Tobala mezcal is the type of mezcal made with the tobala maguey plant scientifically known as agave Potatorum.

Tobala is one of the smallest magueys in existence measuring one eighth the size of an espadin.

This agave takes up to 15 years to mature in the wild.

This mezcal offers aromas of lemon, green pepper and pear.

On the palate, rich citrus, fig, nuts and truffle.

A solid and attractively priced tobala to enjoy neat.

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Montelobos Pechuga


To make pechuga mezcal the distiller hangs a chicken, turkey or quail breast above the boiling still.

Next, the hot steam coming from the still cooks the breast making those flavorful juices fall into the still.

That rich flavor is what makes pechuga mezcal such a great and unique dram.

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Montelobos Pechuga is made with turkey breast, seasonal fruits and spices added during the third distillation.

It has an extraordinary flavor of fruity chicken broth.

A highly recommendable and unique dram that should try at least once.

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Is Montelobos a good Mezcal?

Montelobos is a good mezcal and attractively priced.

Is not only one of the best affordable mezcals but also one one of the best sipping mezcals making it a no-brainer.

Is a perfect match for a newbie or for a more experienced drinker making it one of the best mezcal you can buy today.

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Montelobos Mezcal Prices

Prices are approximate and stated in USD:


Where to buy Montelobos?

United StatesDrizly
CanadaBC Liquor

How to drink Montelobos?

This drinking guide will help you make the most out of your mezcal:

MezcalBest way of drinking
EnsambleNeat or rocks

Montelobos cocktails

All of the traditional tequila cocktails such as margaritas, palomas and Mexican mules can be made with mezcal making them smoky while adding deeper flavors.

If you wanna turbo charge your margarita add Montelobos and write me back later with a thanking note.

What does Montelobos mean?

Montelobos means Mountain of Wolves.

They have partnered with the Wolf Conservation Centre, an organization dedicated to the conservation of wolf populations.

Who owns Montelobos Mezcal?

Ivan Saldaña sold the company in 2018 to Campari for $34 million.

Campari owns many other brands such as Espolon Tequila and Wild Turkey.

Who would have thought that the Turkey is Italian???


100% AgaveYes
Gluten FreeYes
Keto FriendlyYes (zero carbs)
Kosher for PassoverNo
Calories97 per shot