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Corzo Silver Tequila Review: All You Need To Know!

Discover everything about Corzo Silver Review in this in-depth review that answers all your related questions!

What’s special about Corzo Silver?

  • The bottle was designed by Fabien Baron who is best known for his iconic ad campaigns and work as editorial director of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine.
  • The bottle has a waterfall mouth.
  • The producer assures that only the agave hearts are cooked ensured a sweeter Tequila.
  • They claim to be using 22lbs of agave per bottle which nearly doubles what other distillers use.
  • Corzo is fermented while playing Mozart’s music as the distillery claims that this relaxes the yeasts.
  • This is a triple-distilled Tequila.

Corzo Silver tasting notes: How does it taste?

  • Nose: Alcohol, agave, asparagus, mineral
  • Palate: Floral, earth, agave, asparagus
  • Alcohol content: 80 proof (40% ABV)
  • How to drink: Rocks
  • Similar to: Avion Silver
  • Rating: ⭐⭐

The nose hits with alcohol at first, giving way to agave, asparagus and a mineral note.

On the palate, Corzo feels oily providing a good mouthfeel.

Taste is quite floral and earthy, with a bit of agave, asparagus, although it becomes a bit sour as you keep drinking it as it tastes like an undercooked potato.

The finish is short, a bit peppery, dry and salty.

Corzo: is it a good Tequila?

Not much


Setting aside the classical music played to soothe the yeasts and the attractive bottle design, let’s direct our attention to the most important thing, which is the quality of the juice inside.

As advertised, Corzo lives up to its claim of being smooth with little alcohol burn.

However, there is a slightly unusual undercooked potato note that becomes more pronounced with each sip.

It becomes better when served on the rocks and could work as a Tequila for mixed drinks, although it sits at a price range in which I’m not comfortable using it for cocktails.

Corzo is best enjoyed over ice and could also be used as a mixer for cocktails. However, given its higher price range, I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable using it in mixed drinks.

To add insult to injury the cool-looking bottle tends to cause spills and wastage due to its waterfall mouth.

In summary, Corzo is an underwhelming Tequila inside a cool but poorly designed bottle making something I don’t recommend.

Reviewed by: J Highland



Corzo is priced at just under $50, and in this price range, there are many Silver Tequilas available that offer superior quality.

Consider Tequilas such as Fortaleza Blanco, G4 Blanco or Ocho Plata that are widely superior although they are not fermented while playing Mozart in the background.

Is Corzo additive-free?

Corzo appears to be legit, as it doesn’t have the artificial vanilla and cake batter flavors found in fake Tequilas.

However, it’s worth noting that its producer has used additives in some of their other products, which we’ll touch on later.

How to drink it?


  • Drinking on the rocks makes it a tad better as it’s bitter note becomes less noticeable.
  • Not my favourite to make cocktails as I can think of several Silver Tequilas under $30 that can get the job done.

Corzo Plata: Bottle Price

Prices are approximate and stated in USD:

Total Wine$46

Alcohol content

80 proof (40% ABV).

Does it expire? does it go bad?


Tequila does not expire and can remain in the bottle for years to come as long as you store it in a cool place away from the sunlight.

The tricky part is that once opened it remains good but once you have 25% of the bottle left I suggest you finish it ASAP as it develops a funky taste.

I have no scientific explanation for this but I have lost some nice drams for not adhering to this simple rule.

Does it freeze?


It is quite common to store tequila in the freezer as the alcohol content does not allow it to freeze.

Sipping it from the freezer is quite satisfying and better than drinking it rocks as dilution waters-down the Tequila. Tequila, as opposed to Scotch, does not get better when adding water.

Does it have sugar?

Low in sugar

Tequila, as agave spirits in general, is incredibly low in sugar making a great option for those on a strict diet.

Just make sure not to mix them with sugary sodas as those are rich in sugar.

Does it have carbs? Is it Keto-friendly?


Tequila is carb-free but should be consumed in moderation on keto because it is alcoholic.

Where is it made?

At the Bacardi Distillery

Corzo is crafted at the Bacardi Distillery, in Jalisco, Mexico along Cazadores Tequila and 4 Vientos.

Corzo shares some similar tasting notes with Cazadores Blanco, which is available at half the price.

Although it’s not my top choice, it’s a practical option for casual gatherings or when you’re on a shoestring budget.

Bacardi also owns Patron Tequila, although this is produced at its own distillery.

How is it made?

  1. Harvesting: The blue agave plant is harvested after 7-10 years of growth. The leaves are trimmed, and the heart (piña) is extracted.
  2. Cooking: Agave hearts are roasted for at least 5 hours using an autoclave.
  3. Crushing: The piñas are crushed using an industrial diffuser.
  4. Fermentation: The juice is mixed with yeast and allowed to ferment while listening to Mozart.
  5. Distillation: The fermented juice is distilled three times in copper stills, producing a clear liquid.
  6. Bottled right after distillation.

Corzo Silver: Cheat Sheet

Type of TequilaBlanco
100% AgaveYes
Number of distillations3
Aging lengthNone
Is it good?Not much
Is it top-shelf?No
Does it expire?No
Good for beginners?No
Good for cocktails?Not the best
Calories per shot98